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This is a pack of 5 capsules.

How does work?
After the shell of propolis is dissolved, the inner cell liquid quickly replenishes, nourishes, and restores vaginal elasticity, and more.

1. Restore the feeling of the first night
2. Increase the secretion of love fluid and increase the pleasure of sex
3. Improve sensitivity and promote orgasm
4. At the same time, men can achieve the extension effect

Product’s Features:
1. Increase sexual desire instantly
2.Organic and all natural
3.Make yoni more wet
4.Make yoni more lubricated
5.Restores vagina elasticity
6.Lasting results
7.Improves women's sensitivity
8.No preservatives
9.Gentle and no irritation

-Wash Hands
-Insert 1 Pill in the Vagina (Push it up as far as it could go).
-Dissolve in 10-20 minutes

MAKE ME SCREAM - Climax Capsules

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